Certified Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Get trained as a certified solar photovoltaic (PV) installer to boost your career in the fast growing global renewable energy industry.

Fundamentals of Solar Energy

Installation and Maintenance

Pro Tips and Job Offers

Become a Solar Installer

This course has been created by a team of experts to teach you all you need to know to get started installing photovoltaic (PV) power plants of any size.

Already during the course, we will connect you with other solar installers, so you can get hands-on and meet potential partners to work with.

After completion, our course participants have excellent possibilities to start working with an attractive salary in the solar photovoltaic industry.

Learn when you want. Where you want. With our Support.

The is an online and self-paced course.

As you progress, you will learn all about PV installations through video, text, interactive exercises and live sessions with your assigned personal trainer.

Your trainer is available for questions and on-demand calls in case you need any additional help. 

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Introduction to the solar energy industry

Chapter 2

Basics of solar energy, and how we can use it

Chapter 3

Deeper Understanding of PV systems and their connections

Chapter 4

Commissioning of a PV system

Chapter 5

How to maintain the PV system running in best condition

Chapter 6
Common mistakes and questions

Chapter 7

Next steps in the workforce


Online, self-paced, plus live training sessions included


Days to complete:




Access to all training material to get the essentials to become a professional installer

Course certificate upon completion

Introduction to other solar installers & potential employers in your area

Personal job coaching to launch your career in the PV industry

Interested how the solar photovoltaic industry is growing?

The photovoltaic industry is growing due to a variety of factors. First, there is increasing public awareness of the need for clean and renewable energy sources, which has led to greater demand for solar energy. Second, advances in technology have made solar energy more efficient and cost-effective, making it a more attractive option for consumers and businesses alike. Third, government policies and incentives have encouraged the adoption of solar energy, particularly in Europe where the EU Solar Energy Strategy has set a target of 100 GW of photovoltaic capacity by 2025. Finally, the industry itself is continuing to innovate and evolve, with new companies and startups entering the market and driving growth.


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